Event marketing is one of the most effective ways to develop a relationship with ones target
audience. At Blueprint Marketing Firm, we develop and manage unique and credible events and
on-site experiences that engages each distinct audience on their own terms while showcasing
a brand’s relevance. Each on-site experience comes attached to a national campaign which
allows for each brand marketing partner to capitalize off of pre, during and post event publicity
by utilizing various marketing vehicles including digital and social media marketing, television,
radio, in-store and print, wrapping each campaign by continuing the dialogue in the digital space.


Today’s media savvy consumers must physically experience your brand, one-on-one, to care about
it. As a result, event marketing has become a must-have ingredient in a company’s marketing
mix. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to develop integrated event campaigns that will
support and leverage your overall marketing campaign. Using your brand’s attributes to create
powerful experiences, we help create emotional connections between your brand and consumers.
At Blueprint, we bring creative thinking and laser-sharp execution to our campaigns, integrating
creative, memorable event programs within our overall marketing strategy.