Live Events

What would make you remember something? seeing it in an ad?, reading about it online? or experiencing it in person?

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Marketing Campaigns

Can you remember three ads you saw today? Probably not. Despite millions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns, most ads are not memorable.

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Viral Marketing

When it comes to getting your brands message out there, nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign.

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Raphael Reme


Big Ralph Blue Print is CEO Blueprint Marketing Firm is a large-scaled branded entertainment agency. Read more

Ralph Francis


Ralph Franchise originated in the mean streets of Miami Florida. Growing up, he found himself in and out of trouble. Being a street smart and conning young man, he always figured out how to escape being incarcerated. Read more

Who we are

A Team of Young Specialists

At Blueprint, our team is comprised of young influencers from all cultures and all walks of life. We are up on the latest trends and know just how to connect your brand with your desired target audience.

Successful and Ambitious

At Blueprint, failure is never an option. We are proud to boast a success record that surpasses our competition drawing crowds in the thousands to each one of our initiatives.

With Proper Education

Blueprint’s team is comprised of talent with over 50 years of combined experience in the event marketing and branding arenas.

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Blueprint Marketing Firm is a large-scaled branded entertainment agency that directly taps the lucrative Urban, Caribbean, Latin and Multicultural audiences through events, music, fashion and sports.

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